Weighbridge Cup & Ball Load Cell

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These are connect type twofold finished shear bar loadcell with steel ball focus situating plan. They have high precision and side burden resistance, stable execution, and are utilized for electronic truck scale, rail scale, ground scale and other gauging framework.

  • Suitable for electronic truck scale
  • Rail Scale, Ground Scale
  • Other electronic weighing devices
  • Hardened Tool Steel Construction makes it very rugged
  • Suitable for harsh application
  • Suitable for multiform environments
Related Load (Ton) 10, 20, 30, 50
Nominal Output 2.0 + 0.002mV/V
Accuracy Class C2 ~ C3
Non-Linearity +0.02%F.S (FS: Full Scale)
Creep (30 min) +0.02%F.S
Zero Balance +1%F.S
TC Effect on Zero & Span +0.02%F.S/10oC
Input Impedance 750 + 7 ohms
Output Impedance 701+4 ohms ( L≥15m)
Insulation Impedance ≥ 5000 M ohms
Temperature Range, Nominal -10 ~ +40oC
Temperature Range, Operating -30 ~ +70oC
Safe Overload 150% F.S
Ultimate Overload 300% F.S
Excitation, Recommend 10V ~ 12V DC
Excitation, Maximum 15V DC
Protection Class IP68 (10t ~ 50t )
Construction Alloy Steel
Cable Length L:16m (20t - 30t - 40t - 50t)
Mode of Connection +Input:Red      - Input:Black
+Output:Green - Output:White